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The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of convenience is forgotten
Blade-Tek is a registered home based business, with a goal to help skaters gain total confidence through the knowledge that
their skate blade edges will perform as expected, through professional workmanship, technology and care.
I believe skaters receiving professional & quality service can achieve greater self satisfaction of performance and thus
potentially greater success in progression. 
About the Equipment
Blade 'Profiler' Machine 
-  Precise application of blade profiles - never heavy on the blade, computer precision
-  Computer memory stores and subsequently re-applies 'your' profile exactly
-  Utilized by many NHL, AHL, and European teams. 
Wissota 'Model 911'  - Bench Grinder
-  Traditional bench style grinding machine from a company that has been producing skate grinding equipment for
    over 65 years
-  'Tangent Finder' design skate clamps, assist in ensuring even edges
-  Special 'Elite' figure skate holder, designed with side-honed and tapered blades in mind
Quick Square
-  Permits measurements of the blade edges for square, quickly and with precision
-  Approved by over 250 pro & semi-pro hockey trainers
About the Tek (Brian)
Inter-Provincial Technical qualifications,  which may be translated to read:
       - professional, precise technical work is the basic standard
         - I was the most finicky about my blades 
Very understanding of players that are 'picky' or 'finicky' about their skates
Swapped hockey sticks for Officiating Stripes a bunch of years back
About the Business
Sharpening is now what I do, since retiring from my career
Precision Skate Sharpening