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Regular Sharpen - Precise even edges
In simplified terms, profiling Is the shaping of your blades from a sideways view.   Your existing blade profile can be maintained, or a new customised profile can easily be applied.   Player profiles (skater or goalie) are all easily achieved with the computer aided grinding machine (CAG).  Once you've decided upon the blade profile for your needs, the data will be stored for subsequent profiling or sharpening requirements.  This will provide you the exact same profile each and every time.  Twice a season is recommended (start & mid season) unless your regular sharpening attendant is 'heavy handed' which may result in more frequent touch up needs.
Be prepared to leave the skates; this is not a while you wait task.
Quality is never compromised for quantity.  Individual sharpening specifications applied. 
Drop by, email or telephone to discuss or outline your team or group requirements, wants or needs.
Many options available, including pick up and delivery.
WINTER SCHEDULE - For your convenience, you can drop off skates before, during or after routine shop hours.
      Tuesday through Friday (7am - 11pm)
      All skates dropped off during
closed times will be ready for pickup when the shop next opens or soon after.
Examples:    -> skates dropped off before opening will be ready for pickup as soon as possible upon opening.
                            -> skates dropped off while I'm open, can be picked up later in the afternoon/evening, or as early as 7am the next  morning if desired  
                            -> skates dropped off after closing will be ready for pickup upon opening the next business day


Note - All skates dropped off are considered 'in-line' ~  just as if you were waiting in the shop.
The TEN-PAK is available upon request.  This is a prepaid sharpening card that is designed & discounted for high volume users, it can provide a family, a group or an individual, ten (10) sharpens at a substantial savings.
Please be sure you have high volume sharpening needs as this package (card) expires
one year from the date of purchase.

                   -> Ten-Pak status updates are available to clients who have chosen to leave their card at the shop.  
                     -> Simply send an
email requesting your card status, please include your last name and phone number so the correct information is provided.
The skater's satisfaction is my TOP priority.
    ->   You may not know what radius of hollow to use, this situation is common.  Regardless of which ROH you choose, if you find there
           is too much bite or not enough - bring them back
the next day and I'll adjust to a more suitable hollow, no problem and no charge.
    ->   For profiles, you very likely will not know your preferred 'profile'.  A follow-up change/adjustment of the blade profile (if required) is
           included in the original fee.  The ultimate goal is to get your skate to exactly where you want it.
The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of convenience is forgotten
Results driven -  Blades are ground to the radius of hollow that you choose, expertly finished to a fine polish to minimize friction, and measured to ensure precise 'square' even edges.  Blades that are not even are not "done".   During this process your blade is routinely inspected to evaluate for: (a) pre-existing severe edge unevenness (b) bends in the runners, and (c) cracks or other runner damage.  Metal removal is minimized to what is needed to provide fresh and even edges.  All skaters are encouraged to specify or learn their individual preferences for radius of hollow (ROH).  Almost any ROH is available between 1" to 3/8".
Skaters should also consider blade profiling.

Rust is forever, and will cause pitting in your blade, which will ultimately affect the edges. (moisture + heat + metal = rust)
     -> A Bent blade may be straightened, however there is a real risk of breakage in some of the more britle blades.
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      Summer Schedule  17-Mar-18 through mid-Oct-2018
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Loose or missing Eyelets & Rivets replaced.  Skates must be left for repair. 
                    -> Not a last minute - I'm on the ice in a half hour, while you wait repair
Replace worn or broken skate blades with the highest quality blade available in the industry.
Surpasses all original equipment manufactured blades. 
                   -> See price page for skate make & model available
Rivet Replacement - Eyelet Replacement - Blade Replacement
Precision Skate Sharpening