Skate Care Tips
You have just bought a great pair of skates and you want to be sure to take good care of them. So here are a few helpful hints.
Never store your skates with any hard plastic blade guards on - the blades will rust.  Even if you have dried your blades really well, the blade steel is cold from the ice or the car and the house is warm, condensation will form and collect inside the skate guard.
(metal + heat + moisture = rust)
Use soft blade covers (soakers) they assist in absorbing moisture from the blades due to condensation and also will protect the blades from knocking against each other or damaging other gear in the bag.
Always dry your blades really well immediately after use with a chamois or soft absorbent towel, then again once you arrive at home.
Once at home, be sure to leave your skates opened up, so they can air to dry the inside and outside.
   (pull the insoles out and dry them also)
Toe-guard or other similar products will assist in protecting the fabric toe covers of some skates and will also preserve the look and value of the skate.
Blades need to be sharpened routinely, use a reputable sharpener and you will be able to get a few good seasons out of your steel runners.
Is odour a problem? Half of a used 'bounce sheet' in each skate will cure any odour while they are airing out. Transfer the 1/2 sheets to your hockey bag once the skates are dry the bag will remain fresh as well. The 1/2 sheets will last for weeks.
Should you use a hair dryer to assist in drying your skates, do not use heat; allow the dryer to blow only cool air,  otherwise the leather will crack and stitching will rot at an accelerated rate due to the heat.
If your skates have leather outer portions, polish them.  The polish has ingredients that will nourish the leather as well as keep them looking good.
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Avoid getting skates sharpened in a panic immediately before your ice time.  This is your most critical piece of game equipment, upon your decision to sharpen, bring them to a reputable sharpener right after your ice time.