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              7x24 hotline:0310-5896668

              Welcome to Wuan Yongtian Casting Co., ltd.! Today is:

              SPEECH OF CHAIRMAN

              Yongtian casting, casting brilliant
              Every sincere thanks attention Yongtian casting industry friends, because of your concern and support, yongtia foundry industry to steady development. Yongtian casting industry will trust, in the iron and steel casting adhere to innovation, overcome technical difficulties, the industrial country and....

              ABOUT YONGTIAN

              Wuan Yongtian Casting Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional casting factory, founded in 2007, after 5 years of constantly advancing with the times, development. Has now developed into export-oriented export products as the leading factor, taking Yongtian brand as the core; more than 600 employees, including 50 senior titles, intermediate above title 120; annual production ...

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                Wuan yongtia Cast Co., Ltd.     hotline: +86 0310-5896668    fax: 0310-5896669
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